Why get into liquor delivery you ask?

Simple, I’m very against people drunk driving. Whether you’ve been drinking for hours, are out with friends, or whatever the excuse, if you’re out and about drinking, you shouldn’t be driving.

I’m not a victim of drunk driving, I don’t have anyone I know that’s died to drunk driving, I just believe in being a responsible drinker. I like to jest that my family has gold medals in alcoholism (I also jest we have mutant livers that can process alcohol almost like water…) but in the many years of being around my family… one thing has typically been true. And that is that many of them have ruined a car because of a deer, a tree, or you name it because they couldn’t see straight to drive.

I’ve been called in the middle of the night and went out and took some family members (friends too) home because they had been drinking. Even went and did more than a few liquor runs to keep family or friends from getting back out after they’ve been drinking. People, if they really want liquor aren’t going to be stopped just because it’s inconvenient.

Insert my friend Michelle. We were talking one day and we start talking about “Why not make a liquor delivery service out here?” I didn’t have a good answer, so I made one.

So save your gas, save yourself a potential ticket, or night in jail, save yourself a DUI, and give me a call. I’m happy to get the liquor you want, and get it to you.