Ordering is simple! I hope to eventually have an order form that shoots to me in a text message, but until then, you’ll have to call (or text me yourself!).

Call: (636) 253-3033
I may be driving when you call, if I am give me a moment to a way to get your order down.

Text: (636) 253-3033
Yes, you can text me your order at the same number! I typically always have my phone on me so this is often the best option.

What do you need?
A valid State or Federal ID (State ID, State Drivers License, Military ID, Passport) and whatever form of payment your using to pay with. Debit or Credit preferred, but cash is accepted. I keep as little in cash on me as possible but I can typically give change.

Do you give discounts?
I give discounts on certain days of the year. Military and Ex-Military pay $5 instead of $7 for the delivery every day (and on Veterans Day and Memorial Day they pay $3). This is my Thank You to them for their service. (Must have your Military ID or SID/DLN showing Vet Status).

What do you pay?
Simple, you pay what I pay plus the delivery fee of $7. I don’t mark up the prices on the liquor at all. This is the simple “I go to a liquor store and get your order” fee. There are additional fees depending on what’s in the order.

Additional store stops (7-11’s, Smoke Shops, Vape Stores, Grocery Stores, etc): $2
Re-delivery Fee’s (When I get to your home, you’re not there): $5